Witch Sword-TiNYiSO

Release Description:

Witch Sword is a story driven, indie RPG. The game takes place in a dark, medieval style fantasy world. The player will play as a mysterious swordsman and begin an epic adventure to unveil a conspiracy to overthrow an empire, and to take part in a deadly contest for a powerful ancient artifact.

  • Challenging combat
    Combat in game is mainly real-time sword fighting with a focus on immersion and realism. The player can dodge, parry, and unleash a deadly combo or use special attacks to quickly overpower the enemy, who are also capable of the same. Combat in this game relies heavily on player’s fast reaction and strategy. Also worth noting, most of the combat animations are high quality, motion-captured.
  • The story
    The main plot is the contention that the forces of all sides revolve around a legendary treasure. With the ups and downs of the plot, the player may feel that the enemy is hiding behind him. Sometimes he can’t distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys, and sometimes he is involved in plots and lies. Sometimes, he is touched by some sincere hearts. The protagonist is not a hero to save the world, but he dare to do what he thinks is right, not for fame and gain, nor for justice, nor for love, but for the beauty he has been searching for.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Li Changchun
Publisher: Li Changchun

Release Name: Witch.Sword-TiNYiSO
Size: 985.7 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


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