Toad for SQL Server Xpert Edition (x86 / x64)

Description: Toad for Oracle is a database development and management toolset that reduces the time and effort developers and DBAs spend on daily tasks. Save time and reduce risks with the leading Oracle database development and optimization software tool, as ranked by IDC.

Feature :

  • Compare and sync
    Easily identify differences by comparing and syncing servers, schemas and data.
  • Group Execute
    Enables a number of scripts to be executed against different servers at the same time.
  • Log Reader
    Roll back transactions in the transaction log without restoring from a backup.
  • Job Manager
    Helps you manage the load on your database to improve efficiency.
  • SQL Optimizer
    Conduct application performance tuning with automated query rewrites and optimization.
  • Performance testing
    Perform industry standard benchmarks or database workload capture and replay to ensure the future scalability of your critical database.
  • Data modeling
    Provides physical and logical data modelling capabilities and enables reverse engineering from other data sources.
  • Automation
    Automate repetitive tasks, including data and schema comparisons.

Release Names: Toad for SQL Server Xpert Edition (x86 / x64)-P2P
Size: 136 MB / 135 MB
Links: HOMEPAGE – NFO – Torrent Search



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