Toad Data Modeler x86 / (x86/x64)

Description: Toad for Oracle is a database development and management toolset that reduces the time and effort developers and DBAs spend on daily tasks. Save time and reduce risks with the leading Oracle database development and optimization software tool, as ranked by IDC.

Feature :

  • Multiple database support
    Connect multiple databases natively and simultaneously, including Oracle, SAP, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, Ingres, Microsoft Access and more.
  • Simplified data modeling tool
    Create quality database structures or make changes to existing models automatically, and provide documentation on multiple platforms.
  • Logical and physical modeling
    Build complex logical and physical entity relationship models, and easily reverse and forward engineer databases.
  • In-depth reporting
    Easily generate detailed reports on existing database structures.
  • Model customization
    Add logical data to your diagrams to customize your models.
  • Synchronization with your database
    Synchronize a model with your existing database using ALTER script generation (Oracle and SQL Server) and model merge features.
  • Effortless migration
    Simply migrate structures across database platforms.
  • Unmatched visibility
    View relationships and work with attributes and columns from linked entities and tables.
  • Data access with project folders
    Easily gain data access by creating project folders to store models, business requirements, specifications and other files.

Release Names: Toad Data Modeler x86 / (x86/x64)-P2P
Size: 92 MB / 85 MB
Links: HOMEPAGE – NFO – Torrent Search



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