Slams City Hitlers Escape-DOGE

Release Description:

Slums City is a platform game. In it, the main character works with a World War II combatant in order to detect suspicious underground activities. The objective of the player is to infiltrate various areas and fight enemies. The player will use their smarts to solve puzzles, eliminate abattis, destroy transport systems and sabotage unfriendly operations. Enter this adventure today!

Intended audiences are youth ages: 8 to 13.This game was created by children.
Characters, level design, graphic design and story were created by young artists.

Genre: Action
Developer: Garda Software
Publisher: Garda Software

Release Name: Slams.City.Hitlers.Escape-DOGE
Size: 1017.4 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


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