Sigma Theory Global Cold War Deluxe Edition-I KnoW

Release Description:

From the creators of the award-winning sci-fi game Out There …

In the near future, a groundbreaking new discovery promises radical new technologies and an overthrow of the world as we know it. Suddenly, the world’s superpowers realize that they could gain the power to destroy the global financial market, plunge entire countries into the abyss, or even decipher the secret of immortality.

However, there are only a handful of scientists who can make use of this discovery – called the “sigma theory”. You are leading your country’s so-called Sigma division, and it is your job to ensure that your nation is the first to benefit from the promises of Sigma theory.

Powerful resources are at your disposal to achieve this goal: a cadre of the world’s best secret agents, advanced tactical drones and last but not least your own skills in diplomacy and deception.

A new cold war has begun and humanity is on the threshold of its future.

First, recruit a team of four special agents from 50 unique unlockable characters to support your missions. Each comes with their own story, motivations and traits that define their behavior during missions.
Access the investigator, soldier, hacker, seducer and other archetypes to complete your Sigma division and execute your strategy.

When your team is ready, assign them missions around the world to gather scientists, discover compromising documents on local politicians, and more.
Exploit your agents’ abilities to seduce, manipulate and bribe your targets over to your side or have them neutralized.

Other nations will also use their agents to infiltrate your country and seize your scientists. Track, capture and interrogate them to gain information on your enemies, then exchange them for ransom when they are no longer useful.

Order your agents to exfiltrate scientists recruited to your cause during gripping turn-based exfiltration phases through the world’s greatest capitals. Choose the position your drones wisely to support these delicate missions.

In Sigma Theory, diplomacy is the key to achieving your goals. Meet your foreign counterparts and further your objectives using flattery, threats or blackmail. You can also recover your captured agents, advance your research, and much more. Develop your relations with powerful lobbies and armed and influential groups to obtain their favor. But be careful, they may turn on you.

Tech Tree
Sigma Theory is the cause of this cold war. Rally scientists from around the world to your cause to discover new technologies to gain the edge and change the world. Mind control, destabilization of the world economy, robot soldiers, immortality… Will you keep these discoveries for yourself or share them with the world? Games that inspired us: XCom, Phantom Doctrine, Plague Inc, Pandemic (board game), Rocket Ranger, Tropico, Armello, Civilization, curious expedition and so much more

Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Mi-Clos Studio, Goblinz Studio, FibreTigre
Publisher: Goblinz Studio, Fractale

Release Name: Sigma.Theory.Global.Cold.War.Deluxe.Edition-I_KnoW
Size: 677.7 MB
Links: GOG | NFO | Torrent Search


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