Nyanco Card-DARKZER0

Release Description:

Nyanco left for another world with her partner the sword-spirit. Thanks to the training with the many anime girls, Nyanco has become very powerful and all that remains is to save her world. In order to achieve her goal, Nyanco passed through the magic gate with the sword-spirit, but she arrived in the Gensokyo world in the Touhou Project instead!

After playing for a while with some of the fantasy town’s villagers Nyanco had finally found a way back to her original world. However, in order for a new magic gate to be opened, it requires the use of many special magical spell cards. Though because of someone’s mischief, those cards have been spread across the Gensokyo world as parts to a new card game.

As a result, the new card game has been gaining popularity in the fantasy township. Nyanco now has to collect all kinds of different cards so she can open the new magic gate. Keep in mind however, that this card game could be addictive enough to make you forget who you are. Can Nyanco overcome this adversity? Put your skills to the test and achieve victory!

Touhou Character Encyclopedia (Fan-Made)
As you progress through the game, you will meet many different Touhou characters that appear in the Touhou universe. This encyclopedia will allow you to take note of the characters you encounter.


  • Build Your Own Special Touhou Card Decks
  • Touhou Project Fan Art & Themes by UNK教祖
  • High Replay Value & Open World Gensokyo Map
  • Touhoudex: Collect Touhou Project Character Cards
  • Recommended for Touhou Project & Nyanco Channel Fans
  • Card Battle System Based on the Touhou Project World View

All content included in Nyanco Card ~ 東方夢猫 幻想遊戯 is fictional. All content included in the game isn’t related in any way to the original Touhou Project. Relations also to anything in the real world, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Special Thanks
Team Shanghai, Alice, Twilight Frontier, nashix, ParanoX, Raizen, Sixth, Holy Lightning, Malagar, HaZE, UNK教祖, ZUN, and You!

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Nyanco Channel
Publisher: Nyanco Channel

Release Name: Nyanco.Card-DARKZER0
Size: 166.8 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


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