Intrepid Izzy-Unleashed

Release Description:

Intrepid Izzy is a genre-defying 2D game with a unique HD art style. Seamlessly blending platforming with beat-’em-up and adventure elements, Intrepid Izzy offers a gaming experience that feels both unique and familiar.

Core Features

  • Unique HD art style inspired by retro game graphics.
  • Crisp, detailed sprites with smooth animations.
  • Classic and modern influences come together in all aspects: gameplay, graphics and sound.
  • Explore huge levels, each with its own theme and mechanics.
  • Awesome soundtrack by the critically acclaimed Ben Kurotoshiro.
  • A story filled with humorous dialogues, eccentric characters and mysterious secrets.
  • Excellent hardware support and all the options you might need to enjoy the game your way.
  • Easy to pick up, difficult to put down!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Senile Team
Publisher: Senile Team

Release Name: Intrepid.Izzy-Unleashed
Size: 289.6 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


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