Hollow Steps v2-PLAZA

Release Description:

You are a customer of a virtual world company Dartom Inc. You are one of the many people who wants to test themselves in one of the many worlds created by the company. When the tester finishes their puzzles in the world, they exit the world and given their results. On your test, a ghost in the system will change your experience.

The world you enter has 3 main puzzles and 3 mini puzzles that open the gates for the main puzzles and your goal is to finish them and exit the world to see your results.

Gameplay is mostly around the puzzles where you need to find a way to solve them. You have little tips from the company at the beginning of each puzzle’s area. Besides puzzles, there are a secret safe which only opens with 8 fragments and computer panels that change your surroundings.

Hollow Steps v2 is now live!

  • Now, the game has a better visuals and lighting. There are also some changes in the game world.
  • Autosave system is now implemented in the game. You can also delete your save on ‘Options’ and start over.
  • Fragment locations are changed. There are no fragments in the major puzzle areas, so players can get the reward before heading to major puzzles.
  • Screenshots and other artworks are also changed.

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: QuickSave
Publisher: QuickSave

Release Name: Hollow.Steps.v2-PLAZA
Size: 1.9 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


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