BallisticNG Outer Reaches-PLAZA

Release Description:

With G-Tek’s latest improvements to AG technology, the AGL is now geared up to take the races to the solar system and let the most daring of pilots race in the harshest conditions the sport has seen yet.

Outer Reaches introduces 6 new tracks, all playable in forward and reverse, a new campaign and a new set of liveries.


  • Caldera: The plans to make mars habitable are well underway with the martian habitat project. This giant biodome offers a breathable living space and sets the standard for the first generation of extraterrestrial colonization.
  • Project 9: Take to the skies and fly around the chilling climate monitoring station of the mysterious Planet 9. Smooth glides and vertigo await you in this low gravity thrill ride.
  • Haze: With the lowest gravity of the Outer Reaches planetary courses, prepare for vertigo as you drop down and climb up the dark mountainous landscape of Titan.
  • Helios Descent: Building on the foundation of a previously banned weapon, Helios Descent showcases the return of teleportation technology in this looping point to point circuit descending down the Helios Solar Farm.
  • Port Ares: Zero gravity and half pipes await you in the Mars transportation hub of Port Ares, the second open space circuit seen in the AGL and the first real test of G-Teks new generation of AG technology capabilities.
  • Kuiper Overturn: Fly around asteroid debris in the Kuiper Belt with this completely zero graviity circuit, built for pilots with strong stomachs and a lust for something a bit crazy.


  • The tracks added in this DLC are not part of the base game. If you want to play the new tracks online you will need to own and have Outer Reaches installed. The liveries are however part of the base game and will be visible by all players in online play.
  • BallisticNG track DLC is DRM free. Once the files are downloaded you don’t need Steam running to play the content.

Genre: Action, Indie, Racing
Developer: Neognosis

Release Name: BallisticNG.Outer.Reaches-PLAZA
Size: 2.1 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


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